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Would you like to strengthen your network across brands and divisions?
Looking for help in dealing with change and uncertainty?
Curious about what happens across Paramount?

Pop-Up Mentoring is the place to connect with a mentor for a one-time meeting, whenever you need it, all year round. Get (or give!) advice and share your experiences with peers and colleagues across Paramount.

If you’re looking for a flexible learning experience, sign up as a mentee, mentor or both, today!

Check out the links above for more information on how it all works and what it means to be a Pop-Up Mentor or Mentee.


When might I use Pop-Up Mentoring?

 Here are some suggestions:

Get advice/feedback on something you’re working on
Learn more about a role or department
Hear about how others deal with change and uncertainty
Build your connections across the organization
Get advice on taking on a new role
Get tips on managing/leading a team

Why Become a Pop-Up Mentor?

  • SHARE your experience without long-term time commitment
  • CONNECT with others in different parts of Paramount
  • LEARN new things from conversations with different mentees 
  • DISCOVER something about yourself in the process 

Why Become a Pop-Up Mentee?

  • DEVELOP skills at the point you need them 
  • GROW your Paramount network
  • LEARN from others who have encountered similar situations
  • GET additional support outside your own team                          

I don't believe in silos, and I do believe good ideas can come from anywhere. I want us to share more, and scale more - Bob Bakish

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